Cosmetic Dentistry


Let’s face it – very few of us are born with a Hollywood smile. But with today’s high-tech solutions, the concept no longer lies in the realm of fantasy. At Refresh My Smile, our cosmetic dental treatments give you easy and effective ways ever to achieve a winning smile.

smiling teeth whitening before shot smiling teeth whitening after shot

Teeth Whitening Treatments

At-home whitening

strips & toothpaste

Our prescription-only, at-home teeth whitening strips achieve much better results than anything you could buy over the counter. Easy to apply, they need only be worn for an hour a day, with noticeable results in as little as a week. We also offer Opalescence, a superior whitening toothpaste containing potassium nitrate, which helps bring back your teeth’s natural whiteness.

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air polishing

This is a relatively new stain-removal treatment that is offered by our professional hygienists at The Dental Surgery. AirFlow air polishing is a high-pressure yet gentle and painless stream of powder, water and air that removes stains quickly and painlessly.

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teeth whitening

We create your own bespoke tray to fit your mouth comfortably and to keep the whitening gel in the right position, close to your teeth and in between them. The trays can be worn overnight or in supervised one-hour session. They are filled with carbamide or hydrogen peroxide gel, which is proven to lighten the internal pigments of teeth, thereby improving their appearance without altering the tooth structure. The tray can be reused as often as desired and kept for future top-ups.

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This is often used to lighten non-vital (‘dead’) teeth that have turned grey or been discoloured by trauma. Bleach is placed inside the tooth for a week and then either removed or replaced until the desired result is achieved. Over several weeks, the tooth is gently lightened to the desired shade.

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For teeth that can’t be whitened through bleaching methods, veneers are an excellent solution. These bespoke, eggshell-thin layers of porcelain are expertly laid over the top of the tooth, before being sculpted into the perfect shape and bonded into permanent position.

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Our experienced dentists can tailor a number of restoration techniques to suit your needs – from composite white fillings to expertly engineered crowns and dental bridges. These tried and true methods stop decay in its tracks and cover a multitude of cosmetic imperfections.

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